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Each farmhouse is a different entity, its location and altitude by the size of its permanent buildings or mountain pastures and of course by heart strokes farmers, innkeepers.

Some will rise as Vosgienne cows whose milk is processed into various cheeses, butter, yogurt or custard. The meat will be offered braised in Burgundian fashion, stew or fleischschnackas.

Others, far fewer, cultivate their passion for Tarentaise breeds Abondance, Montbéliarde and Holstein. You can even know the delicious feel of a prime rib of a race of Salers heifer, appreciate marbling a steak Charolais, remember a long time in tenderness of roast veal Vosgienne breed of milk, succulence of a confit goat or a chicken thigh Alsace.

More than ever, the hostel is an extension of agricultural activity.
The dishes feel the season and the soil that is in sync calendar events.
Some farms offer only a menu made based on availability of fresh and processed meat.
In most farm inns, you will find the marcaire menu.

Originally, potatoes marcaires simmered over low heat ....

La Poule d'Alsace is part of our excellent French regional races unfortunately increasingly rare. Forgetting sometimes too fast utilities and their gustatory qualities they are viewed replaced with hybrid strains installed in factory farms.

This tradition is still celebrated as it should be, especially in the valleys of Thann and Masevaux. It prolongs the activity of the hostel until late November.

Have you ever tasted an omelet made with eggs and broken sought at the moment?

Munster, Barkass, Tomme des Vosges and company ...

Lawerwurst, roïgabrageldi, siesskass ... a mini dictionary for venturing on the road to our traditions and our gastronomic specialties types of farm inns.