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The marcaire menu

Fermes Auberges du Haut Rhin - Le menu marcaire

originally, the marcaire potatoes were simmered over a low heat while the marcaire watched over his flock. when he returned, these potatoes, which formed the basis of the meal with the cheese, were ready.

Today, the famous “marcaire” meal has become the traditional menu served in the farmhouse inns of the Hautes-Vosges. It consists of a soup or a pie from the valley, smoked pork meat accompanied by “roïgabrageldi” (potatoes in strips cooked for 2 to 3 hours in farm butter with onions and bacon), Munster cheese (or Bargkas) and/or a dessert (farm cottage cheese sprinkled with kirsch or homemade pie).

If you want to book a table or an accommodation, please contact the farmhouse directly by telephone.
Reservations are highly recommended, especially during holidays and weekends.
However, you can write to the farmhouse association by e-mail for all other correspondence, at this address:

#fermesaubergesduhautrhin #massifdesvosges

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