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Farmers and innkeepers:   an essential place

Fermes Auberges du Haut Rhin - l'association

the farmer and innkeepers, successors to the marcaires and guarantors of their traditions and know-how. they continue to maintain the green and open spaces of the hautes-vosges; to ensure a human presence in the mountains; to carry out a pastoral, tourist and economic activity at altitude and to welcome clients, tourists and visitors in a simple and friendly manner in a mountain and rural setting.

It is the combination of tourism and mountain agriculture that allows the farm inns to maintain authentic mountain traditions.

This complementarity is more relevant than ever to preserve a living and welcoming mountain. Farm inns play an important role in the maintenance of the landscape and in the protection of the environment and sustainable local development.

By maintaining a human presence in the mountains in the valleys, they make agriculture, tourism and the economy of the Vosges Massif and consequently of the whole of Alsace more dynamic through their activity.

If you want to book a table or an accommodation, please contact the farmhouse directly by telephone.
Reservations are highly recommended, especially during holidays and weekends.
However, you can write to the farmhouse association by e-mail for all other correspondence, at this address:

#fermesaubergesduhautrhin #massifdesvosges

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