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The meats

Fermes Auberges du Haut Rhin - les spécialités

The very essence of a farmhouse inn is to make the most of all the products produced on the farm, especially the meats

Each farm has its own specialities: beef, veal, pork, goat, rabbit, etc. – enough to make one’s mouth water! All parts are valued and the meat is cooked in the form of pot au feu, “fleischschnackas”, roasts, simmered dishes, grills… The farmhouse lives to the rhythm of the seasons and productions, so the menu varies from week to week.

Meat fondue

Fermes Auberges du Haut Rhin - les spécialités


Marrow bone

recipe idea



  • Noodle dough: 1kg flour – 6 eggs – 1/4l water
  • Stuffing: 1kg of cooked meat from the pot au feu – 2 large onions – 1 bunch of parsley – salt – pepper


  • Chop the meat, onions, parsley, salt and pepper
  • Mix
  • Make the noodle dough with the flour, eggs and water
  • Roll out the dough thinly into a rectangle
  • Spread the minced meat on the dough, leaving 1cm of dough on the edges
  • Moisten the edges and then roll out tightly (like a biscuit roll) lengthways to form a sausage
  • Cut into slices of about 2.5cm
  • Cook in hot oil until smoking (about 3 minutes) on each side Bring the stock to the boil, add the fleischschnakas, reduce the heat and cook for about 5 minutes

Ready to eat with a green salad!

If you want to book a table or an accommodation, please contact the farmhouse directly by telephone.
Reservations are highly recommended, especially during holidays and weekends.
However, you can write to the farmhouse association by e-mail for all other correspondence, at this address:

#fermesaubergesduhautrhin #massifdesvosges

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