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Fermes Auberges du Haut Rhin - les spécialités

Gastronomy and typical specialities

each farmhouse inn is a different entity, by its geographical location and altitude, by the size of its permanent or summer buildings and, of course, by the preferences of the farmer- and innkeepers.

Some of them raise only Vosges breed cows whose milk is transformed into various cheeses, butter, yoghurt or flan. The meat is offered in daube, Burgundian style, in pot au feu or in fleischschnackas.

Others, far fewer in number, cultivate their passion for the Tarentaise, Abondance, Montbéliarde or Holstein breeds. You can even experience the delicious sensation of a rib of beef from a Salers heifer, appreciate the marbling of a Charolais entrecote, remember for a long time the tenderness of a Vosges milk-fed veal roast, the succulence of a cabri confit or an Alsatian hen leg.

More than ever, the inn is an extension of the agricultural activity. The dishes are always seasonal and relate to the land and t that lives to the rhythm of the calendar festivals. Some farms only offer a menu composed according to the availability of fresh produce and meat. In most farmhouses, you will find a menu based on the market.

The farmhouse inn specialities in Alsace

The marcaire menu

Originally, marcaire potatoes were simmered over a low heat

The pork dishes : „les cochonailles“

This tradition is still celebrated as it should be, especially in the valleys of Masevaux and Thann. It extends the activity of the inn until the end of november.

The cheeses of our farmhouse inns

Munster, Barkass, Tomme of the Vosges and what they are all called…

The meats

Each farm has its own specialities: beef, veal, pork, goat, rabbit, etc. – enough make one’s mouth water!

Snacks and take-away specialities

Have you ever tasted an omelette made of eggs that were found and broken at the moment?

Dictionary of specialties of our farmhouse inns

Lawerwurst, roïgabrageldi, siesskass… A mini dictionary to venture on the road of our traditions and typical gastronomic specialities of our farmhouses inn.

If you want to book a table or an accommodation, please contact the farmhouse directly by telephone.
Reservations are highly recommended, especially during holidays and weekends.
However, you can write to the farmhouse association by e-mail for all other correspondence, at this address:

#fermesaubergesduhautrhin #massifdesvosges

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