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Dictionary of specialties of our farmhouse inns

Fermes Auberges du Haut Rhin - tarte aux myrtilles

A remarkable  diversity

Lawerwurst, roïgabrageldi, siesskass… A mini dictionary to venture on the road of our traditions and typical gastronomic specialities of our farmhouses inn.

Baekaoffa or Bäckeoffe

Literally in Alsatian: baker’s oven. A kind of potée made of three meats marinated in Alsatian white wine, garnished with carrots, leeks and potatoes and then baked in an authentic clay mould. Originally, this festive dish was taken to the baker’s before going to mass and then taken back steaming hot when leaving.

Bargkass, Barikass or Bergkäs

Pressed cooked cheese, such as Emmental or Comté.

Bibelskäs or Bibalskas

Cottage cheese mixed with chives, parsley and shallots, served with potatoes.


Black pudding during pig slaughtering season. Each farmhouse jealously guards its own recipe.

Bouchée à la Reine

Thick sauce with a creamy sauce mixed with cubes of veal, chicken, mushrooms and dumplings, all placed in a flaky butter crust.


Salted, dried and smoked country bacon: a work of art!


Egg noodle dough, rolled out thinly and then covered with a stuffing made from beef cooked in a pot. It is rolled up to form a large sausage. Cut up and cooked in a good broth, these fleischschnackas look like snail shells, hence their name (schnackas in Alsatian means snail and fleisch, meat).


Salted and smoked pork collar or tenderloin.


Dry smoked sausage made from pork and beef in a rectangular shape. There are also “pure beef” sausages.

Lawerwurst or Lewerwurts

Sausage spread made from pork liver, onions and good fat.

Mett or Mettwurst

The fattest of our sausages. It is mainly made of beef and pork fat and is sometimes smoked. A high-calorie delicacy that is very useful when hiking!


Pressed pork head in jelly, also known as “head cheese”.

Roïgabrageldi or Gbrageldis

A wonderful and authentic dish of potatoes and onions cooked for a long time in a thick pan, smelling of butter and sometimes smoked bacon. At the end of the service, you will have the caramelised and candied heel, a work of art! An essential speciality of the farmhouse inns.

Salbschtgemachta Nuddla

If you can’t read this word on a menu in our farmhouses, just think: homemade noodles!

Schiffala or Chifala

Salted and smoked pork shoulder cooked in a broth.

Siesskass or Siesserkass

Fresh cheese of the day with a generous sprinkling of kirsch, fresh cream and sugar. An essential speciality of traditional cheese farms and inns.


Noodle dough mixed with milk or cottage cheese and then passed through a special sieve. Some spätzelés are made with a board and a knife.


Version of the siesskass in the „pays Welche“ the originally French-speaking parts of Alsace.

Waedelé or waedala

Salted pork shank or knuckle of pork cooked in a broth and often served caramelized with fir honey: a marvel!

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Reservations are highly recommended, especially during holidays and weekends.
However, you can write to the farmhouse association by e-mail for all other correspondence, at this address:

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